Zim Filmmakers Shine at ZIFF2016

  Sep 28, 2016


A record 28 Zimbabwean films have been accepted for screening at the 18th edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival this year. This figure confirms a resurgence of aptitude, creativity and determination in the local film sector, a huge leap in the right direction. In fact, ZIFF believes that, had all things been equal, the figure could have been much higher.

“The volume, and quality, of film production this year has increased tremendously. The gulf is closing, as youngsters here are taking their time to work on their craft and researching a lot online in these days of the internet”, said Festival director Mr. Elton Mjanana amid preparations for the festival set to kick start on the 1st of October.

The increase in film submissions at ZIFF2016 shows that the Zimbabwe film sector is progressing well, and could soon reclaim its position as one of the best in Southern Africa.

There are now more training opportunities for upcoming filmmakers, mainly through tertiary institutions such as ZIFTESSA, Midlands State University, and Great Zimbabwe University; not forgetting ZIFFT’s own Short Film Project that has  produced over 37 short films, and played a huge role in uplifting local film standards.

“The Zimbabwe Calabash category for local films in the ZIFF competitions is tough this year and our Jury is going to have a difficult time selecting the winners because most of the films are good”, added Mjanana.

Escape, a film directed by renowned film director Joe Njagu and Agnieszka Piotrowska, which will premiere at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival on Tuesday 4 October will no doubt be ZIFF2016’s local film highlight. Other local entries like “Mwanasikana 2” by Nakai Tsuro, “Maria by Mester Munashe”, and “ZANLA Comes to Town Part 2” by Masimba Musarira are others to look out for.