Sep 3, 2018

A number of workshops and seminars with a focus on the African Narrative theme are set to be conducted at this year’s 20th Edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF2018) scheduled to start on the 1st to the 8th of September.  All these will fall under what is dubbed as the Film Forum wing of the Trust umbrella body.

The organizers of the festival have lined up workshops and seminars that are meant to assist local filmmakers in improving their productions.

Kick starting this year’s programme was the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust who gave a presentation entitled The Interface between Film Making and Heritage in line with the organization’s vision on preserving the country’s national heritage. This theme will also fall in perfectly with the ZIFF2018’s theme of Narratives from Africa.

Acclaimed historian and story teller Ignatius Mabasa will also present on The Importance of Writing and Telling African Stories.

A collective group of young Zimbabwean filmmakers mainly based in South Africa who call themselves Authentic Voices will host a workshop titled A Conversation With Shingi Shoniwa. Shingi Shoniwa is a prolific artist who has managed to fuse traditional African music with futuristic eclectic pop sounds to create a novel genre of music that is capturing the European market by storm.

South African based Zimbabwean actress Tendaiishe Chitima will do a presentation on Branding & Marketing through Storytelling . This workshop will explore the power of storytelling in facilitating collaboration of filmmaking and the arts with other industries. It is also worthy to note that Tendaiishe Chitima is also the star of the record-breaking Zimbabwean film COOK OFF which opened the festival on Saturday 1 September.

Documentary filmmakers can look forward to a Documentary Roundtable with local and international Documentary film experts. Facilitated by Barbara Off from Dok.fest Munchen (Germany), this is a must attend workshop for all interested documentary filmmakers.

Seasoned South African based Zimbabwean; producer Monalisa Mupambawashe will host a workshop titled How to diversify yourself as a filmmaker that will examine other opportunities available to filmmakers.

German film producer Melanie Andernach is also going to curate a hands-on workshop for aspiring (and experienced) documentary filmmakers.

ZIFF Festival Director Ms. Nakai Matema is urging both established and upcoming filmmakers to attend the Film Forums as they will give opportunities to filmmakers and those who simply have an interest in films, to exchange ideas, learn and network.