‘Transactions’ To Open ZIFF2022

  Sep 26, 2022

Press Release

Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2022

Opening Film – Transactions

Harare, September 2nd, 2022. We are happy to announce that our opening film for the Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2022 will be the documentary film, ‘Transactions’, directed by Rumbi Katedza and produced by Siza Mukwedini. It will be screened at the ZIFFTHub at 2 Canterbury Road, Kensington on the 14th of September at 7pm, as part of the opening ceremony, which begins at 6pm.

Transactions tells a story of Zimbabwean migration through a family divided by the circumstances of a failed economy. Three siblings, Frank, Miles and Portia, sustain their family through remittances, while longing for the country and family they left behind. While the fourth sibling, Chrysthle, who is still in Zimbabwe, is frustrated by her inability to help financially, even though she has a full-time job. Their mother, MaMlilo, is a conduit of all the

family’s challenges in hyper-inflationary Zimbabwe. Everyone who needs money comes to her in the hopes that she can help them financially. With each monetary transaction, expectations are raised on both sides. 

Frank wants to help, but he resents that money is being used for things he does not agree with. When the Covid-19 pandemic leads to hard lockdowns in South Africa and Zimbabwe, life becomes increasingly difficult. There is less work, and consequently, less money to send back home. MaMlilo pushes Chrysthle to leave Zimbabwe, but she is reluctant to leave home in spite of its challenges. This intimate film will follow Frank and his family’s journey to determine how much they are willing to sacrifice to provide for their family.


Rumbi Katedza has directed numerous shorts, music videos, TV shows and documentaries that have been broadcast across Africa and screened at dozens of international festivals and conferences. Her feature film, Playing Warriors, was nominated for awards at the African Movie Academy Awards, Shungu Namutitiwa Festival and Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles amongst others. Rumbi produces corporate and independent narrative and documentary content through her production company Mai Jai Films.


Siza Mukwedini works in Zimbabwe and across the globe as a film producer and editor. She believes that change is influenced by perception and film is the ultimate tool to inspire that. Her 2018 film on fatherhood, Mukanya, was screened at international festivals in Canada, Kenya and Australia. She is the founder of Matamba Film Labs for Young Women which bridges the gender gap between male and female film practitioners by connecting young women to opportunities in the industry. 

Production Company

Mai Jai Films is a creative, boutique production and arts management company founded in 2008. The company specialises in producing independent film and television content for a global audience, as well as commissioned content for clients in the corporate and NGO sectors. Through their projects, Mai Jai Films is pioneering a new generation of films and filmmakers from Zimbabwe through capacity building and creative co-productions with partners around the world. Mai Jai Films is 100% female-owned.

We are excited to be showing such brilliant work at the festival and encourage all to come out and watch what Zimbabweans and those abroad have been working on to continue to advance the film industry and beyond.