To discover and develop filmmakers, artists and audiences.

ZIFFT collaborates with other organizations in the promotion of the arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe, and is recognized as a key institution in the development of the creative arts industry. Its strategic thrust is to become the ‘HUB’ of film development in Zimbabwe, through the following complimentary programmes:

Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF)

Progressive, Forward Thinking, Dynamic, Creative, Relevant, African

Established in 1997, the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) is the flagship programme. It is an annual festival that showcases the best in film from around the world that is one of the premier film festivals in the region.

ZIFF has distinguished itself as a significant player in the Zimbabwean and regional film industries, also for developing talented film makers and script writers through its unique training opportunities, and contributing to the telling of vibrant, socially and politically relevant African stories through cinema.

Outreach2Educate (o2e)

Wide-Reaching, Inclusive, Meaningful, Inspiring

Film is one of the most immediately engaging tools for transcendence available to the ordinary person. In keeping with ZIFFT’s mandate of promoting open society ideals, o2e is a community-based grassroots programme designed to encourage socioeconomically marginalized communities to explore and interrogate relevant social issues, using cinema as a safe vehicle.

O2e offers free filmmaking workshops and screenings and events to ensure maximum reach to sectors of society that are underserved by cinema access and infrastructure. A key focus area is children and young adults; who o2e introduces to the art of filmmaking through creative year-round programmes, such as Kids With Cameras (KWC), Kids in Front of Camera (KIFOC), and Filming Youth Zimbabwe (FYZ). Such outreach helps cultivate interest in film, and encourages the next generation of Zimbabwean film makers.

Film Forum (FF)

Mentored, Aspirational, Knowledge Transfer

The Film Forum is a robust knowledge transfer platform; whereby local filmmakers meet, network, and exchange ideas with accomplished international filmmakers, through Masterclasses, Workshops, and Discussions. Film Forum activities are held throughout the year with heightened impact during the ZIFF to encourage continuous focus on excellence in filmmaking. These typically include:

Masterclasses: Set Design, Cinematography, Sound, Lighting, and Editing.

Discussions: Distribution and Marketing, and New Spaces/Technology, Co-Production, and ZIFFT’s sustained push for the establishment of a Film Commission in Zimbabwe.

Workshops: Scriptwriting, Pitching, Directing, and Distribution.

Short Film Project (SFP)

Inspired Creativity

The Short Film Project represents production arm of the Trust that promotes the development of new talent. It is an intensive, competitive training and capacity building programme that produces high quality short films for screening at ZIFF and elsewhere. SFP also encourages experimentation in new production techniques, and training; thus creating an opportunity for filmmakers to contribute to excellence in commercial enterprise.

SFP has mentored many aspiring filmmakers, many of whom have produced quality films that have been featured on television and at international film festivals. To date the SFP has produced 36 short films, which have been distributed locally and abroad.

The Innovation Hub (Zi-Hub)

Cutting Edge, Collaborative, Dynamic, Inclusive, Informative, Supportive

ZIFFT is a dynamic, multi-purpose space where Zimbabweans go to find inspiration and entertainment in film. It offers a strong virtual and online facility, and provides year-round workshops and brings together dynamic and forward thinkers in anticipating the future of film and contributing to the creative and professional development of the Zimbabwean film sector.

ZIFFT intends to expand its current physical structures into a high-tech multi-purpose facility that offers space to the creative industry’s diverse talents. It will feature an auditorium/theatre, film studio, screening rooms, film museum, and coffee shop.

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