Meet ZIFFT’s new Executive Director

  Mar 31, 2022

The Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT) has a new Executive Director.

Simbirirai Solomon “Sol” Maramba took over from Mr Nigel Munyati in January 2022. Former ZIFFT Director Mr Munyati will now be stepping into the position of ZIFFT Board Chairman.

Maramba is not new to the organisation. He has served on the ZIFFT board and contribution to the organisation’s programme development through the programmes committee since 2009.

Solomon first came to ZIFFT as an animator, giving several animation, designing and branding workshops as part of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF). He and the late Claire Dongo also helped with the Short Film Project (SFP) as mentors and directors of the short film projects.

Solomon was later on invited to join the ZIFF Board up until January 2022 when he took over the position of Executive director of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust.

“Sol” as he is affectionately known in the creative circles, studied ElectroMechanical Engineering at the University of Cape town. Mr Maramba was also part of the team that conceptualized and ran the inaugural University of Cape town Arts Festival. During his time at the university he was involved in the hip-hop scene as an MC and one of the organizers of Boogie Down Knights in Cape Town, a monthly celebration of the hip hop culture that continued for some years after.

In partnership he established Enchant Creative, an animation and design studio catering to advertising agencies as a creative production house.

In 2010, he also co-founded the Joint Afrikan Animation Group (JAAG) with fellow animators, and was the organization’s first Chairperson. JAAG worked towards the development of the animation sector in Zimbabwe. During this time, Sol was also the Festival Director for the first Sub-Saharan animation festival, the Zimbabwe Festival of African Inspired animation (ZIMFAIA).

Later on, Mr Maramba put together a team of film and multimedia professionals in Zimbabwe to design a curriculum for Global Academy, a multimedia college, where he was subsequently brought onto its board as the Technical Director and acting CEO of the school.

Apart from his passionate involvement in film and animation, Sol is also into farming, managing a farming enterprise in Shurugwi with goats and sheep being produced for meat, chickens produced on contract and horticultural produce for supermarkets, schools and mines in the area. A community organizer by nature, he helped set up the Midlands Farmers Hub, which is an entity of farmers in the Midlands with the goal of growing the capacity of the farmer’s and the industry in the province.

We welcome and congratulate Mr Maramba and wish him all the best as our new Executive Director.