Making A Difference

  Jul 8, 2022

THE FIRESIDE STORIES FILM TRAINING hosted in Mashava was an exciting collaborative effort with Stories4Change Initiative, Inhouse Media & McTain Media as they sought to tell positive & authentic African stories, change the narrative, and share valuable skills with the participants.

Mercy Mangwana Mubayiwa oversaw the programme development and implementation with the likes of Admire Kanhenga, Kudakwashe Bwititi & Munashe Chitsiga as facilitators of the training. It was funded and supported by the Bosch Alumni Network & the Segal Family Foundation through a programme on Social Innovation and Development in Africa.

Participants sitting by the table discussing
Participants at the workshop

The workshop came about as Mercy Mangwana Mubayiwa had benefitted from training through fellowships and further applied her developed course at an artist residency. She then joined the Bosch Alumni network collaborative journey program which inspired her to scale up the training to Zimbabwean youth in disadvantaged areas.

The programme has been rolled out in both Zimbabwe and Kenya, with the initial drive for the project stemming from the fact that basic filmmaking skills are crucial and can help young people express themselves and make a living while changing the African narrative. Their mission is to open channels for collaboration and to share between the two cohorts in the pilot project, in hopes that they can scale it to different parts of the country and Africa as a whole.

Participants on set, one holding a light
Participants filming on set

The short films the Zimbabwean and Kenyan teams made are now complete and screening sessions to showcase their work are being organised, with a chance to have them screened at film festivals in Africa and the Bosch Alumni Network.

Collaboration with the initiative is much welcome, whether as a facilitator, curriculum editor, or with resources and a way to reach more vulnerable communities. Interested parties can contact Mercy on her email – The larger reach to these communities will make a lasting impact to our local industries and beyond. It was truly an exciting process, with a high uptake of skills, and we hope to see more Fireside Stories in the future.