Great ZIFF2018 Opening

  Sep 3, 2018

The 20th edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival officially opened at their offices now popularly known as the ZIFFT Hub in Kensington Harare. Film lovers, local and international filmmakers and art enthusiasts thronged the venue for the opening of the festival.

ZIFFT’s founder and Executive Director Mr. Nigel Munyati opened the event. In his opening remarks, Munyati reiterated that this year’s festival is bent on promoting the African stories.

‘For the longest time, Africa’s narrative has been told for us, some positive but the most negative, and this has to change if Africa is to ever take its rightful role in the world, so we have decided time was up, and taken the initiative to do something about it’, he said.

With more than 50 Afro centric films from all around the world scheduled for screening at the ZIFFT Hub, the Festival officially opened with Cook Off, a Zimbabwean film directed by Thomas Brickhill and produced by Joe Njagu.

Over the past 2 decades, the festival’s growth has been made possible by the several outreach programmes that seek to develop new audiences for film and improve visual literacy among audiences.

One of ZIFFT’s most critical ambitions is to facilitate more viable accessibility of the local films to broader audiences hence creating a society that celebrates a dynamic film culture. Several works and master classes from both local and international experts are scheduled to start on Monday 3 September.

ZIFF2018 will run until 8 September, all workshops and screenings are at the ZIFFT hub at number 2 Canterbury Road in Kensington.

The 20th edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival has been bigger and better than ever before!