Great Response to the Smartphone Short Film Competition

  Apr 27, 2018


The Smartphone Short Film Competition is living up to expectation with overwhelming and quick responses by aspiring local filmmakers.

Launched on the 12th of April, the competition that is the brain child of the Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust in partnership with Alliance Française Zimbabwe has received great response with a lot of content creators joining the SSFC WhatsApp group, calling the organizers, as well as visiting the website to get more information on the competition.

After getting the first submission in less than two weeks, the organizers of the competition are optimistic that the competition is going to be a huge success and are looking forward to more submissions. ZIFFT consultant and renowned filmmaker Miss Nakai Matema said there is great hope for the local film industry.

‘The quick response to the Smartphone Short Film Competition is interesting and enlightening in terms of just what the youth of Zimbabwe feel about  the journey and the direction in which Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole are going as they take a more profound space within the world’, she said.

Running under the theme “Being Zimbabwean”, the competition is encouraging the youth to speak out and think outside the political and religious boxes, and focus on their creativity.

The Smartphone Short Film Competition will close on the 27th of May and is sponsored by EcoCash and Elevate. To access the competition’s Terms & Conditions and the Application Form please visit any of the following:……

Facebook- Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust

WhatsApp- 0776 620 545