Film Forum links local producers to DOK.fest

  Oct 6, 2016

African Cinema on the European Festival circuit workshop hosted by the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) in partnership with The International Documentary Film Festival Munich (DOK.fest) has paved way for local producers to market their work on the international platform.

The workshop which was part of the Film Forum (FF) programme was of great value since DOK.fest Project Manager Barbara Off made an open invitation for the submission of locally produced documentaries for the Munich’s 32nd fiesta.

“We warmly invite you to submit your latest feature-length artistic documentary films for DOK.fest 2017. You can submit on our website Visit it and read submission regulations to see if you meet the criteria. We closing on the 1st of November,” she said.

“We are trying to create a platform for cultural exchange with documentaries by engaging African film makers,” she added.

Off said she enjoyed working with active participants in the workshop and urged local film makers to make good films, become visible, get inspired, research more and get advice from others.

Director of March to The Promised Land Cosmo Zengeya felt enlightened by the workshop.

“The workshop was very interesting and educative. It was well attended as well,”

I have also liked the idea that you must source funding before you embark a project because a lot of people think you have to just make a film and then look for money with it,” he said.

Zimbabwe Heritage Trust editor Cuthline Tavagwisa concurred with Zengeya that the workshop was educative.

“Despite the interruption of the workshop by ZBC which I didn’t like it was very informative. They however scared us by saying if you fail to make money out of your work soon after production you will never make it,” she said.

“We will definitely submit because we are not paying anything,” she added.

DOK.fest International Film Festival has an African section called DOK.Network Africa which focuses on African films by African film makers.