Congratulations to recent award-winners

  Mar 30, 2022

Sydney Taivavashe with his first NAMA award in 2017. Source: Zimbojam

The National Arts Merit Awards (the NAMAs), which were held in Harare at the end of February 2022, honoured Zimbabwe’s finest professionals in the arts and creative sector.

Among the recipients of the prestigious awards were the Film & Television category winners, some of whom have been part of the ZIFFT network, or participated in ZIFFT activities in various capacities over the years. The success of these winners brought a great sense of pride to ZIFFT. Our special congratulations go out to the following:

Daves Guzha (Producer of the Outstanding Screen Production – Television winner: CHIPO THE GIFT). Daves Guzha has been a member of the ZIFFT board and has contributed immensely to the organisation. We value his insights and the many years of experience that he brings to ZIFFT.

Tongai Arnold Chirisa (Outstanding Artist in the Diaspora). Tongai was involved in ZIFFT’s Short Film Project during the early days in his career and appeared in a number of short films before spreading his wings and pursuing his acting career in South Africa and later in the United States. Tongai participated in ZIFF 2021 in the Owning Our Talent discussion, where he shared gems of wisdom to inspire other Zimbabweans who aspire to make it as international film stars.

Sydney Taivavashe (Director of Outstanding Screen Production – Full Length Film winner: POOR COUSINS). Sydney has been submitting films to the Zimbabwe International Film Festival and Short Film Competitions over the years. The 2022 edition of ZIFF featured his latest feature film THE STORY OF NEHANDA. This was not the first NAMA win for the young filmmaker from Masvingo, who continues to shine and prove the great potential we hold as Zimbabwean storytellers….and we certainly hope there will be many more awards in the future.

Another win for the production POOR COUSINS, was the Outstanding Actress for the role of Blessing, which went to Bhathile Dhlamini.

Kumbilani Ncube (Outstanding Actor, for the role of Khalu in IKASI: THE HOOD). The 23-year-old from Bulawayo was part of the 2022 Hi-5 Short Film Competition, with his short film DEBT CLEARANCE taking third place.

We also congratulate IKASI: THE HOOD for winning Outstanding Screen Production РShort Film. The film was directed by Mzingaye Ngwabi, who has recently spoken about the need for more funding for the film industry.

The Outstanding Music Video Award went to Kalai Faye Barlow. for the stunning music video for RAINMAKER by the Djembe Monks.

We congratulate and celebrate all of them on their well-deserved success.