Call for ZIFF2018 Film Submissions

  May 30, 2018


The Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT) is calling for film submissions for the 20th Edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF2018) scheduled to run from 1 to 8 September 2018, under the theme Narratives from Africa. The deadline for the submissions is 1 July 2018.

While  the eight-day annual event has traditionally  attempted to showcase quality films from around the world with a more Euro-centric slant,  this year’s focus will be on films primarily from Africa, and dealing  with the African culture, heritage and influence both on the continent and in the Diaspora.

Local and international filmmakers can submit their applications on ZIFFT’s official website. ZIFF2018 will visit several venues in the CBD and High Density Areas around Harare.

This year’s festival seeks to highlight the importance of telling stories with an African perspective and dealing with the African on the continent and in the diaspora as Africa begins to play a larger role on the global stage.

‘We are focusing on Africa as a continent, because as Africans we feel it is time to take our place on the global stage to tell and celebrate our unique’, said ZIFF Festival Director Ms Nakai Matema. ‘For the longest time Africa and African stories have been mystified and marginalized; therefore ZIFF2018 celebrates the arrival of African and, Zimbabwe film in particular, on the international stage, We want to showcase the quality of African film coming from the continent, to show the world the vastly improved quality of African filmmakers’, she said.

Established in 1997, the Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust has distinguished itself as a significant promoter of film in Zimbabwe and around the African continent. ZIFFT has laid a solid FOUNDATION for the development of film in Zimbabwe through its robust film development programs over the past 2 decades.