‘African Moot’ Screening At ZIFF

  Sep 14, 2022

Press Release

Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2022

Film – African Moot

Harare, September 14th, 2022. We are happy to announce that the 2022 documentary African Moot will be screening at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2022 on Thursday, September 15, 2022. The film was directed by Shameela Seedat and produced by Francois Verster of Undercurrent Film and Television. It will be screened at the ZIFFTHub at 2 Canterbury Road, Kensington on the 15th of September at 11am, as part of a series of highlight films in line with this year’s theme, #Reconnecting.

African Moot follows four law student teams from across Africa as they travel to Botswana to compete in the largest mock court competition on the continent. Hailing from Cape Town (South Africa), Cairo (Egypt), Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya), these four passionate teams spend months preparing in their home countries for a case dealing with refugee rights, and then travel to Botswana to converge for one intense week of legal oratory, debate, adventure, bonding and high emotion. Tracking their progress through various events and competition rounds, leading to a dramatic finale before international judges at Botswana’s highest court, the film intimately captures the student characters’ personal hopes, doubts, disappointments and inner and outer conflicts as they navigate this high stake’s event.

African Moot uses the surface device of the popular competition documentary genre to ask deeper questions about refugee rights, freedom of movement, African identity and the possibility of hope for the future – while also showing how committed youth are trying to shape the future of the continent on which they live.


Shameela Seedat is a human rights law specialist and filmmaker from South Africa. She worked at the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the UNDP/UNIFEM in New York, the Democracy Research Institute Idasa, and at a law firm. She has published widely on human rights and democratic accountability. Her other works include Whispering Truth to Power and Girl, Taken, both of which were released in 2022


Francois Verster is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker with a wide background in writing, music and academia. His acclaimed debut as documentary director/producer, Pavement Aristocrats: The Bergies of Cape Town, was called “astonishingly brave and intimate”, “brilliant” and “magisterial” by the South African Press. His other works include A Lion’s Trail, The Mothers’ House and Sea Point Days.

Production Company

Undercurrent Film & Television was formed by François Verster in 1998.  It is a small Cape Town-based unit that produces high-quality creative documentary films for local as well as international markets, either by itself or in coproduction with other partners.  Its projects tend to take extremely intimate character-led approaches to social and historical issues, and tend to combine observational and impressionistic styles of filming and editing.  Most of its bigger projects have won many international awards, including a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Artistic and Cultural Programming for A LION’S TRAIL.  The company has recently moved into fiction film and is currently developing two drama projects.

We are delighted to be screening such amazing work!