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Our History

The Zimbabwe International Film Festival was established in 1997; and converted to the Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT) in 2000. It is a registered Trust whose main activities are in the development of film in Zimbabwe.

As a non-profit organization, ZIFFT is dedicated to the discovery and development of filmmakers, artists, and audiences; and contributing to vibrant, socially and politically relevant, African story-telling through cinema. It is distinguished as a major promoter of the film industry in Zimbabwe and the African continent, with a solid record in delivering strong film development programmes over the past 17 years.

ZIFFT’s alumni continue to make significant contribution to filmmaking in Zimbabwe and abroad.


ZIFFT’s vision is of a society that enjoys and celebrates a dynamic film culture.


ZIFFT is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent filmmakers, artists and audiences; as the focal institution for the promotion of imaginative story-telling and sustainable, creative innovations in filmmaking. Through its programs, the Trust seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film from Zimbabwe, the African Continent and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their work.


To achieve its mission, ZIFFT will pursue the following objectives:

  1. Produce world-class sustainable events and programmes that will contribute to the long-term development of film in Zimbabwe.
  2. Implement programmes and activities that encourage and support the conception, production, distribution, consumption, and celebration of quality film.
  3. Encourage the participation of film industry stakeholders and the public.
  4. Give a voice and exposure to issues that are relevant to our communities.
  5. Foster a social issues discourse through film.
  6. Increase the profile of contemporary African films and filmmakers.
  7. Provide a unique way for companies to show their support for communities and the arts.
  8. Create a forum where unconnected networks can be leveraged to increase positive exposure, contribute to the creative and professional development of participants and expand the brand recognition of all parties.

ZIFFT collaborates with other organizations in the promotion of the arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe, and is recognized as a key institution in the development of the creative arts industry. Its strategic thrust is to become the ‘HUB’ of film development in Zimbabwe, through the following complimentary programmes namely Outreach To Educate (O2E), Film Forum (FF), Short Film Project (SFP), The Innovation Hub (Zi-Hub) and the ZIFF Tours.

Simbirirai Solomon Maramba – Executive Director,

executivedirector@zifft.co.zw  @simbirirai 

Board of Trustees

Nigel Munyati

Nigel Munyati

Daves Guzha

Daves Guzha

Dumisani Nkala

Comfort Mbofana

Chenesai Mangoma

Sapi Bachi

Sapi Bachi

Joe Njagu